Stop Spilling.

Start Saving.

Smart Saving comes from the Roots.

When is the last time you used coins

Probably Never.

Americans throw away 62 million dollars in coins every year. We are on a mission to give these coins a purpose. Next time you use coins, don't ditch them down the street. Save them up in our app  and let it save you more. It just makes cents.

Will you be a contributor or a changer to this unfortunate truth?

Learn How To:


Pay with Cash.


Credit Cards are Debt.



Because cashiers are wasting time counting coins.

Get a dollar back on Zapp instead of coins.



Because where else are you going to use coins?

Use your accumulated dollars in Zapp.

All the Buzz.

Spilling coins could mean Billions. Here's why.

Jay Rawlins, San Francisco

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